Creating meaningful relationships through meaningful work

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Providing you a total software solution to unite your team and help your organization thrive

Our story starts with a desire to help community organizations and nonprofits overcome their technology limitations. We realized there was a hole in the nonprofit world for software to manage the complex organizational needs, especially when dealing with membership.

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Founders Jeff Kline (CEO) and Mark Zeitler (CTO) joined forces to build 立博客户端app下载 in 1998.

Jeff strove to create a new technology company to give back to his community. While working with local non-profits, Jeff realized that these organizations were extremely underserved from a software and technology standpoint.

Jeff met Mark, an experienced Silicon Valley software developer and chief architect of three successful software programs.

Together, they envisioned Freedom Software™ as a website/membership/content management software program and so 立博客户端app下载 was born.

Our Story

Empowering organizations to achieve their goals with our 立博客户端app下载 Freedom software

We guarantee that you’ll be excited about all you can do with Freedom.

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Our Core Values

立博客户端app下载 will forever maintain our dedication to the "Four C's"

Customer is Royalty

Commitment to Excellence

Consideration to the Individual


OUR VISION: Creating meaningful relationships through meaningful work

Nonprofits often struggle to grow because of fragmented software and outdated websites.

立博客户端app下载 solves this with Freedom Software: a total software solution with tools to manage your Website, Membership, Events, Finance, Sales & Marketing empowering your nonprofit to thrive.

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